Whether your corporate event calls for a private room or an upscale experience for more than 100 people, Brazeiros would be happy to accommodate you. We regularly host events for corporate groups in every field from retirement planning to pharmaceuticals, and our flexible dining experience is the perfect fit for meetings and professional gatherings of all kinds.


At our Knoxville location, we can accommodate groups of up to 130. The private room is a comfortable venue for as many as 50 people, and we can host semi-private events for up to 130 guests. The private room is equipped with WiFi and a screen.

The use of our private rooms doesn’t require a fee for groups that will be dining with us, nor do we ask for a credit card in advance to reserve private rooms.


The Brazeiros concept is ideal for corporate events and large parties. Each person can get exactly what he or she wants courtesy of tableside service from our Gaucho chefs, eliminating the complexity and unpredictable cost of individual ordering. If your event will include a speaker and you prefer to have no distractions, we can also provide set plates or appetizers and tapas instead of a full menu.

Brazeiros may be a steakhouse, but vegetarians, vegans, and those who want lighter fare won’t be disappointed. Brazeiros offers an extensive salad bar with gourmet cheeses and charcuterie, as well as light and meatless options from our menu. Our servers will also bring out cheese rolls, fried polenta, and plantains for the table, and the rice and beans that are the staple of the authentic Brazilian meal are available upon request.


Our Knoxville location features a large, convenient parking lot that can easily accommodate your entire group.

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